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New Zealand-born, I offer patient yet enthusiastic driving lessons across Bradford and Leeds. Whether you're a new driver or you already have some driving experience, I can help you confidently progress to test standard.

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The Car

Hyundai i30 Driving Instructor CarLearn to drive in a dual-controlled Toyota Yaris, a great car for learner drivers with excellent visibility and a comfortable interior.

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5 for £99

Take advantage of my popular offer for new drivers for only £99! Further lessons are charged at a competitive rate.

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Pass Plus

Pass PlusAlready passed? Great! Gain confidence behind the wheel and become a safer driver at the same time with the Pass Plus course.

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About me

I am a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) with many years’ experience. I have previously worked for a nationally acclaimed driving school but now teach independently. I take pride in teaching my pupils to a very high standard through friendly, patient and enjoyable lessons. Read through some testimonials from previous pupils to see what they had to say.

As well as offering the popular “five one-hour driving lessons for £99” deal for new drivers, rapid pass courses are available to those who wish to get on the road quickly.

If you already hold a driving licence, the government-approved Pass Plus scheme is great for improving your confidence on the road and it entitles you to discounted car insurance with some companies. If you’ve passed your test but still lack confidence on Britain’s busiest roads, have a look at the motorway confidence course. Please get in touch for further details.


When I’m not instructing, I’m a guitarist in a local band and a keen motorcyclist. Avid supporter of the All Blacks but equally at home following Liverpool FC.

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  • Covid Update

    After a long break due to lockdowns, I shall be recommencing lessons in early May 2021 and, in line with government guidelines, I have taken steps to ensure both your safety and mine:

    PPE face coverings must be worn by both myself and all pupils.

    Hands are to be sanitised before entering the car and, if possible, disposable gloves should also be worn.

    ✅ I will ensure all surfaces and controls are sanitised before each lesson commences.

    Health Declaration. I will text each pupil in advance of their lesson asking them to declare they are symptom free.

    Ventilation. Windows will be open throughout each lesson so appropriate clothing should be worn

    Please get in touch if you if you would like to be notified when I am starting to take on new pupils.

    Posted on April 17, 2021
  • How to pass your driving test first time

    The big day has finally arrived and, although you’re eager to get behind the wheel, you’re worried about your nerves getting the better of you. What can you do to give yourself the best chance of finally getting your driving licence?

    1. Drive with the examiner like you do with your instructor
    This might be easier said than done, but many pupils suddenly become overcautious and hesitant just because test day. If your instructor says you are at test standard, then you need to have faith in yourself and believe that you are. Don’t try a different style of driving on the big day.

    2. Ask a parent or trusted family member to join you on a lesson before your test
    This will create the kind of pressure you will be under on test day and acclimatise you to the level of stress you can expect. Better still, get someone to sit in with you a few days before your test for some extra practice.

    With the experience gained in your driving lessons, your anticipation of hazards will have improved dramatically since your first day behind the wheel. Look well ahead and ask yourself WHAT IF? What if that child steps onto the road? What if that car does pull out? Anticipation is your most powerful weapon.

    4. Keep busy
    Keep your eyes busy. Look far ahead and check those mirrors regularly (say, every 6-8 seconds). Know what’s going on around you so you don’t get any surprises.

    5. Make sure you understand the examiner’s instructions
    If not, then ask them to repeat the instruction. They don’t want you to get lost — it means they won’t have time for a cup of tea between tests!

    And GOOD LUCK!

    Posted on March 5, 2017

Recent Testimonials

  • “I contacted Neil and asked could he help me. I’d failed 9 tests and spent 15 grand (?!). I’d tried hypnosis/intensives… you name it, I’d tried it. I would have sacked it off years ago if I didn’t need to get it for work. To say I was SICK OF IT, was an under-statement.

    When Neil actually complimented my perseverance and said he liked a challenge, I liked him straight away! I told him when I met him I was a reasonable driver.. until I did something crazy, he quickly realised I knew myself.

    I KNOW I was not easy to teach! Many had tried and many had failed! It sounds clichéd, but Neil took me as I was – warts and all, whilst subtly building my confidence and skill. He literally never gave up on me which is quite something when you have started failing on hesitation because you’re constantly anxious and on edge. Add to that that multiple driving test failures is this big weird jokey taboo… that really starts to hurt with each ribbing you get.

    Neil was resourceful. He’d watch my patterns and frankly erratic behaviours! He’d say the same thing a 100 times, somehow… calmly. I felt very safe with Neil and he really made me laugh which was a genuine help and stress reliever.

    2 weeks ago… 22 YEARS after my first lesson (which unfortunately was not with Neil) I passed my 10th test!!! If I can pass it anyone can! But do yourself a favour… go with Neil. Thanks a million Neil! I won’t forget you!”

    ~ Louise, Bradford
  • “I passed my test today after first starting lessons 12 years ago. I am not exaggerating when I say today is one of the best days of my life, I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks at the thought of driving lessons, never mind the test. The main reason I am typing this as a licensed driver is due to Neil’s patience, attitude and expertise. I have had 3 previous driving instructors and none of them had an ounce of the care and consideration shown by Neil throughout my lessons, for example I failed my first test with Neil due to a silly mistake and he ensured I did not give up, he built up my confidence and took the time to understand my issues, for me that is what sets him apart. He also has a wonderful way of explaining things and his manner and informal approach is something that was of huge benefit to me. If you are looking for someone to not only help you pass your test but care about the way you pass your test then Neil is for you…(You will have to put up with some truly terrible jokes)… However he more than compensates for that. Thank you Neil, me and my family are eternally grateful.”

    ~ Joel Potter, Bradford
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