Standard Lessons

Starting out

You’ll start by learning the basics, then move on to moving and controlling the car safely and with confidence in a quiet and safe area. Once you’ve mastered that you’ll start driving on busier roads, dealing with other road users, junctions and traffic signals. You’ll learn how anticipate and avoid upcoming hazards and, most importantly, how to enjoy driving!

Lessons start with pick up at an agreed time and place and finish with drop off within the area covered. I often collect pupils from their school or college and finish the lesson at their home address.

Many new pupils find that ‘double booking’ 2 hour lessons is a great way to quickly pick up the basic skills. Whether you decide to do this or not, your lesson schedule is always flexible; you can take longer or shorter lessons to suit your pocket and needs. Some people find they like longer lessons, others feel tired if they drive for a long time. All I ask is that you let me know the lesson before.


One of the most common areas that people struggle with is the dreaded manoeuvres! You’ll be shown simple and effective methods of tackling and successfully completing all of these, whether it’s tricky parallel parking or reversing around a corner. I’ll correct any mistakes you are making and make sure to take things at a pace that you are happy with.


I charge £27 per lesson. All lessons are for a full hour and include pick up from a location that is convenient for you.

New drivers can take advantage of my popular “5 for £99″ offer. You can also book your driving lessons in bulk:

  • 10 hours for £234 (including the first 5 for £99)
  • 20 hours for £504 (including the first 5 for £99)

If you need to pass quickly, consider taking an intensive driving course.


Learn at your own pace. Everyone is different, so try not to compare yourself to friends or family. It is not a competition. Passing your test quickly doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a good driver. It simply means that you have achieved at least the minimum standard required to be considered safe on the roads.

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Random Testimonial

  • “Neil’s an excellent driving instructor and guided me to passing my test today. I started learning in February and since then he’s always strived to make every lesson fun and enjoyable, while also making sure you know every driving trick, manoeuvre and technique 110% through and through, in order to improve your overall standard.

    He’s been teaching people to drive for years and that experience really shines through, never becoming frustrated or going too fast to follow. Even though I failed my first test, he continued to help me with any issues or faults with my driving to help me feel more comfortable and confident the second time round. He made the entire test seem quick and easy, I’ll definitely be booking my Pass Plus with him as well as recommending him to everyone I know.”

    ~ Nathan Walker, Bradford
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