Pass Plus

The Pass Plus course is primarily aimed at the newly qualified driver, but anyone can take it. It’s designed to build on the skills and knowledge already gained leading up to the driving test.

Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years after passing their test, simply due to lack of driving experience.

There is no test at the end of the course. However, a minimum standard must be achieved by the pupil. The report form is filled out by me, signed by both the pupil and myself, and sent to the DSA. The DSA then process the form and forward the certificate to the pupil. This should then be forwarded to the insurance company if requested.

Pass Plus modules

There are six modules (6 hours minimum) to cover and wherever possible they are done as ‘practical’ lessons. For instance, if you do Pass Plus in the winter months it may be possible to learn how to drive on snow. If you do the course in the summer months, however, this would have to be covered in theory.

Pass PlusModules: driving around a town; all weather driving; driving in the countryside; driving at night; driving on dual carriageways and driving on motorways.


The course will allow you to gain experience in situations you haven’t covered before. The modules on dual carriageway and motorway driving are probably the most important and valuable for the new driver. Many insurers also offer benefits and discounts to drivers who have completed the course.

By the end of the course, you will have developed from a newly qualified driver into a much safer and more confident driver. Although the skills learnt before the driving test go a long way towards creating a safe driver, Pass Plus takes them to a more advanced level to equip for the real world. Emphasis is placed on early anticipation, early perception, early planning and sound safety decisions. Pass Plus isn’t compulsory, but I highly recommend it.


The total cost is £175. Although this works out to be slightly more expensive than 6 standard one-hour driving lessons, I believe that the rewards really do pay for themselves. This additional cost is due to the longer driving distances covered during training sessions.

I also offer shorter motorway confidence courses for pupils who would like to focus on motorway driving only.

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Random Testimonial

  • “Neil’s an excellent driving instructor and guided me to passing my test today. I started learning in February and since then he’s always strived to make every lesson fun and enjoyable, while also making sure you know every driving trick, manoeuvre and technique 110% through and through, in order to improve your overall standard.

    He’s been teaching people to drive for years and that experience really shines through, never becoming frustrated or going too fast to follow. Even though I failed my first test, he continued to help me with any issues or faults with my driving to help me feel more comfortable and confident the second time round. He made the entire test seem quick and easy, I’ll definitely be booking my Pass Plus with him as well as recommending him to everyone I know.”

    ~ Nathan Walker, Bradford
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